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Envirolawn offers Lawn Care, Landscaping, Tree Care and Snow Removal

Lawn Care

Envirolawn offers organic and traditional granular fertilizers.


Our traditional fertilizer program consists of controlled release synthetic granular fertilizer applied 4 times during the season. We spot spray weeds on an as needed basis, with our goal being to reduce the amount of chemicals applied.  The very best weed control is a thick lawn, so we believe in regular aerating and over seeding to help thicken the lawn, which will help prevent future weeds.


Our organic program includes high quality organic fertilizer along with a liquid microbial soil enhancer/humic acid blend, to feed the microbes and improve the overall soil biology. 


A soil test is highly recommended at the beginning of an organic lawn care program, which we would run through the U of M soil testing clinic.

  • Organic fertilizers

  • Liquid soil microbial soil enhances/humic acid applications

  • Compost topdressing

  • Core aeration

  • Over seeding

  • Dethatching/power raking


  • Landscape Garden Design and Installation                           

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Tree and Shrub Planting                                       

  • Shrub Trimming and Removal

  • Topdress Mulch Beds

  • Perennial Gardens                                               

  • Weed Control in Landscape Garden Beds

  • Rock/Wood Mulches                                              

  • Buckthorn Removal

  • Edging

  • Boulder Outcropping 

  • Sodding

Tree Care

  • Trunk Injection For Emerald Ash Borer

  • Trunk Injection For Iron Chlorosis and Other Insects and Diseases

  • Small Tree Trimming

  • Consulting

Snow Removal

  • Residential Snow Plowing

  • Snow Blowing/Shoveling

  • Salting

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